homelessness pledge

I support a Fracking Free Ireland. If elected, I will work to ensure that fracking is not permitted in my area (as I did last year when I voted against fracking as part of Clare County Council)







































































In my years in politics, I have seen a lot of change but none like the turmoil which has gripped our country over the last few years.

With talk about debt, the troika, cut backs and NAMA, the issues of the ordinary people have be subjugated to the agendas of Europe, the Government and the political parties.

My #1 policy is to put the people first

I can speak out on your behalf without fear of the party sytem or politics and I can use my experience for you to get your issues resolved.

If I am successful in gaining re-election to Clare County Council I will:

Property Tax: Vigorously oppose any increase in the Property Tax which will be managed by the Council from 2015. 

Water Rates: Campaign for a reduction in Commercial Rates and Water Charges in order to give small businesses and the town of Ennis a chance to thrive.

Employment: Keep pressure on the Dept. of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the IDA to secure a major industry for Ennis.

Health Care: Fight for a proper Health Service in Clare.  I especially want to stop the inhuman and degrading treatment of patients waiting on trollies day after day in Limerick Regional Hospital.

People with Disabilities: Ensure that people with disabilities have a voice in Local Government Reform and to support them in participating fully in employment, further education and in their community.

Mental Health: Seek an increase in the Mental Health Budget and ensure it is "ring fenced" in order to create awareness in the general public of the various services available and so that people are encouraged to use them.  I would like to see organisations such as Headstrong’s Jigsaw set up in every county in order to support positive mental health for adolescents.

Agricultute: Advocate for the protection of the small family farms and peruse incentives to keep young people involved in farming. I will also work to ensure that we get a fair deal from CAP.

I believe it is vital to stop population decline in rural areas and create vibrant sustainable communities where people can maintain a good standard of living and be safe and secure in their homes.

Internet Accessibility: Work to make sure that Broadband is rolled out in rural areas so that they can develop economically and socially.
Immigration Reform: Continue to put pressure on the Government to guarantee no opportunity is lost in solving the plight of the illegal immigrants living and working in the USA.

Road Safety: Campaign for a complete review of speed limits in the county with a focus on getting and acting on greater input from the general public.

Ghost Estates: Work to see all unfinished housing estates in the county taken over by the Local Authority and that a special fund is provided by the Department of the Environment to allow this to happen; and where bonds are in place ensure that they are used.

Additionally, I am committed to:

Changing and Reforming Government

Holding the Banks and Speculators Accountable

Securing the Future of Irish Families

 Tackling Crime

Creating Future Employment