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I support a Fracking Free Ireland. If elected, I will work to ensure that fracking is not permitted in my area (as I did last year when I voted against fracking as part of Clare County Council)





































































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Issues Continue at Limerick Hospital

April 18, 2014: Another article from the Clare Champion where James continues to advocate for changes at Limerick A&E and challenges our TD's to do more on Health Care:

Councillor James Breen told the Clare Champion this week that his wife had a terrible experience when she brought someone to the hospital. "My wife, Eileen, was at the Regional Hospital on Monday with a very sick patient and she stayed with her all day at the hospital.  At 8.30 pm, a nurse came to my wife and asked her to give up her chair for a patient because they had no trolleys.  She was shocked.  She felt awful, the nurses there are doing their best but it's a desperate situation." 

He also said trade unions should "rear up" and seek to improve working conditions for their members.  "It's about time that the unions got tough, that they stop talking and take action by protesting outside the Department of Health and the Sail.  This can't go on.  There is endless pressure on the nurses working over there in the Regional and it can't be allowed to continue." 

Councillor Breen also commented on the recent closure of the surgical unit at Chaercalla.  "It's a lack of another medical service in County Clare.  We've lost enough and we can't afford to lose anymore.  If it is a case of a shortage of money, then our Oireachtas members should have tried to secure an allocation of funding to keep it open over the rough period unit it was buoyant again."

You can read the text of the full article HERE

Nurses in Tears Over Hospital Overcrowding

April 4, 2014: A follow up article from the Clare Champion on the story below where James detailed the reaction of a Nurse at Limerick A&E to the overcrowding situation.

You can read the text of the full article HERE

Disgraceful Situation at Limerick Hospital

Having read the article in last week’s Clare Champion (Click Here) regarding the disgraceful conditions patients face while waiting for treatment at Limerick Regional Hospital, I am calling on the Government, our TD's and the HSE to fix the problem, not just to continue to talk about it. 

The urgency of the issue was reinforced for me when I met a young woman who is a nurse at Limerick Regional Hospital, while out canvassing.  When I asked about the article, she broke down in tears!  She asked me if there was anything I could do to stop the inhuman treatment of patients who are made to lie on trolleys for hours waiting for admission.  She said “if animals were treated the same as these unfortunate people, the animal rights activist would be protesting outside Dail Eireann.”  It was clear from her reaction that there is enormous pressure and stress on our nursing staff, professionals who want to do the right thing but simply don't have the tools, the beds, the medical supplies, doctors and capacity to do so. She also detailed the torrents of abuse and complaints leveled at her and her colleagues from people who just want the basics in term of medical treatment.

I believe what is happening at this Hospital is a dangerous situation for both patients and the staff. It is now time that the representatives of the IMO stop talking and start taking action with the people to protect their patients and members by organizing protests outside the Department of Health and Dail Eireann.

As a former member of the Ennis Hospital Action Committee it is distressing to think that, in the 20 years since the Action Committee was founded, we still have the same problems and that nothing has really changed. 

If we are going to get the health care we need, that the electorate has to send a clear message to the present Government on the 23rd May that this situation cannot continue.

Motion on behalf of Irish Immigrants

At the February 2014 County Council Meeting, James proposed a motion in support of undocumented Irish Immigrants living in the United States (an issue effecting more and more Irish Families due to the recession):

"In view of the fact that the Immigration Bill will be coming before the US House of Representatives and the senate in the next few weeks, [I propose] that this Council renew its call on the Taoiseach and the Minister for Foreign Affairs to request President Barack Obama to create the pathway for an amicable immigration package [for Irish Nationals living in the US]."

In response the Irish Government issued the following statement:

On behalf of the Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Eamon Gilmore TD, I wish to thank you for your correspondence of 11 Feb.
The Tanaiste has noted the resolution adopted by members of Clare County Council concerning the U.S. immigration reform.

While immigration reform is a matter solely for the US legislature, the Tanaiste and members of the Irish Government are engaged in regular dialogue with members of the US Government at all levels on this highly important issue.