homelessness pledge

I support a Fracking Free Ireland. If elected, I will work to ensure that fracking is not permitted in my area (as I did last year when I voted against fracking as part of Clare County Council)




































My Record as Your TD:

As part of the 29th Dáil, I represented Clare by posing over 600 question to the government and offering over a dozen amendments to laws and bills.

Additionally, I was appointed to two Dáil Committees: the Joint Committee on Child Protection and the Committee on Arts Tourism, Community Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. I'm particularly proud of the work I did on Child Protection and the recommendations from that Committee formed the basis of the revised laws that protect our youth (to read the report click here).

In order to view my entire record, click on this link Oireachtas Record and type in "Mr. J Breen" in the speakers name box.

To get to know me better and to understand how I represented you and the county, you can also look at the following:

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